72hr Onslaught V2

A somewhat rough around the edges Frontline themed 72hr Jam map. Oh, it also has a giant tank.

  1. Funnystuf
    This is my map for the 72hr Jam. It's a Frontline themed, night-time set, 2 CP, A/D map.

    It's very rough around the edges in some places, heck, some places still have dev textures, but I gave it my shot, and that's what counts. Besides, I have another Frontline map in development that I find much better than this.

    I don't necessarily plan on continuing to develop this map, but I might come back to it if I find it necessary.

    Special Thanks to:

    A Boojum Snark for his TF2 Gameplay Library,
    The entire Frontline Team for all the assets used,
    UEAKCrash for being entertaining to watch during this,
    And the 5 Mountain Dews that got me through this.


    1. cp_onslaught0000.jpg
    2. cp_onslaught0001.jpg
    3. cp_onslaught0002.jpg
    4. cp_onslaught0003.jpg
    5. cp_onslaught0004.jpg
    6. cp_onslaught0005.jpg
    7. cp_onslaught0007.jpg