OLD_Thunderbolt a2

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a2 update:
- Reworked the left route from blu’s spawn to A.
- Removed the Vent route that connects the routes into B as it was more beneficial to defenders than attackers.
- Expanded the cliffs area and added another route for blu.
- Increased time awarded after capturing A from 2 minutes 30 to 4 minutes.
- Increased maximum timer length from 6 minutes to 10 minutes.
- Setup timer length increased from 65 seconds to 70.
- Clipping and geometry adjustments.
a1a update:

- Removed door in the house between blu spawn and A point.
- Fixed clipping on the conveyer belt.
- Minor geometry adjustments around A.
- Changed ammo availability around B.
- Better clipping on the rocks near C to avoided players getting stuck.
- Fixed broken logic at the beginning of the match that meant blu’s respawn time was set twice instead of both teams.
- Adjusted respawn wave times.
- Adjusted capture point timings
-B capture time reduced to 10 from 13.