Oddtown A6

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Changes are:
- Less fences in A
- More height variation in B
- Narrower bridge in B
- Removed destructable in C (can bring back if enough request it)
- C is a lil more interesting I hope
- D is changed a lot.
Main Stuff I did was:
-Map is actually mostly town
-Reworked B again
-Reworked C alot
-Map layout is simpler (for the most part)
-Detail props!
-Little bit of optimization
Massive reworks to:
-Blu first spawn
-Blu third spawn
-Red first spawn

Minor reworks to:
A lot of things...
- Light update
- More flanks for A
- Another route to B
- Another route to D
- Maybe more...
Some of the changes is:
- Changed cave (More routes)
- Changed track to go through cave instead of around it.
- Opened A up more.
- Slight track adjustments
- First RED spawn further away from B (and longer respawn time)
- Some more things...