od_consignment erl04c

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od_consignment erl04c

Object destruction

Map for the Pick It Up contest!

the map has few new triggers to confused less players.
the triggers and other things has been placed on od_canary and od_duckquarry but od_canary wasnt updated and awaits for more fixed and od_duckquarry corrupted itself while i was placing it on maps.tf

this version here may be deleted and replaced with brand new version but with more custom textures, models and custom announcer voice lines! don't worry the old announcer will stay.
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Latest updates

  1. console spam fix

    fixed console spam. clipped one spot correctly to avoid the ability to stand at that spot. added crate to make one clip less unknown. tried to fix the hud but it just broken and idk how to fix it. i lacked the time
  2. cubemap fixed

    cubemap should be fixed RIGHT NOW. i don't see lack of texture from cubemaps so i can't really help it. i tried to build cubemap for LDR and HDR by making cubemap on LDR and then repeating it with HDR.
  3. small optimalizations

    made small optimalizations (probaly they are bad.) mirrored healt kid and ammo pack near spawn (on blue was missing) buildcubemap fixed the typo. changed the "droped dynamite" to "dropped dynamite". i did it accidently and i wasnt paying...