October a1

Late autumn KotH map.

  1. phi

    koth_october is a King of the Hill map made to encourage fast paced and exciting gameplay. I'm going to aim to co-opt this map between pub and comp playstyles. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll be developing it with comp, hell knows I don't have the stamina for that right now. At least it's a little side project I can work on once in a while. (not like I do anything anyway)

    The theme aims to be a late autumn mountainside area - think this. Feedback is welcome, and I realize it probably feels a little bit like Viaduct does. That's something to work on, it can't quite be avoided completely with mirrored symmetry koth maps. There aren't too many overall design concepts that work, but I'm trying to make something new and refreshing while still being fun and not headache-inducing like a great lot of the current koth maps are.


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