1. Layout changes

    brushwork is really good right here, especially for an a1

    Ahh, thanks!

    random trainyard sign is random

    I was planning on removing it, but if it bugs you i'll keep it >:)

    @Sage J. Fox
    could really use some resupply lockers.


    could also really use some spawn doors

    Sorry about that, I had already released a fix, but I forgot to update the link.

    there is only one way to last

    Done! Hopefully the new route won't be too op...

    Little Crumpet (Sorry I couldn't fin your account ;/)
    it'd be neat if i could jump of my dispenser onto this platform

    Interesting Idea, done!

    have u considered adding trains
    i get this is an early alpha map, but the amount of white walls makes it hard to look at, try using different colours for


    Here are some screenshots, have fun!

    20170331102052_1.jpg 20170331102103_1.jpg 20170331102111_1.jpg 20170331102120_1.jpg 20170331102415_1.jpg
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