Oasis Event

Oasis Event RC3

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Brought up to layout parity with standard Oasis:
-New route opening going into the sphinx
-New plank route connecting the middle Oasis area more
-A number of small tweaks
Thanks to everyone who sent me feedback!
Fixed a large amount of visual bugs/ minor issues on the map.
Moved bookcase in building just past first cap, no longer sits in such a weird spot. This changes the gameplay and optimization of this area a bit, but I think it'll work out fine.
Added some detailing to the more sparsely detailed areas.
*POTENTIALLY* fixed the cart sticking bug, I didn't test it though, the carts "hitbox" should be slightly more accurate now, too.
Fixed sound looping bug that persisted between rounds.
Added nobuilds to some of the worst bushes/ candle clusters that could hide engy constructions.
Added a new particle to the sphinx's hat that appears after capture.
Added better collision meshes to construction lights.
Added new tile material to blue spawn room.
Added new custom (much larger) tent prop to the map, created by Freyja
Did some more optimization.
Adjusted some lighting all over the map.