nippy a5a

It's nippy outside

  1. Pickup tinkering

    I dinne ken

    Overview of changes

    • Changed the pickups a wee bit again.
    • Small alterations to the ramp room.

    Map-wide changes
    • Added cubemaps.
    Specific changes

    Lobby area
    • Added a window into the room with the slide, so people looking in are more aware of a medium health and full ammo inside. And also to give people a better view of what DMs they are sliding into. (What's on the other side of the slide).
    • Removed the Full health and medium ammo in the building of which part of you could get on top of.
    • Added a medium health and ammo in the location of where ammo used to be in a1; outside the ramp room.
    • Fixed some of the patches not showing up underneath the pickups.
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