Ninfa A2

Fight a Yeti with your damn bare hands!!

  1. Yaki
    In this Player Destruction map, players must deliver meat to the boats that float into a yeti cave. Collect meat by defeating players. Out-deliver the enemy team to have a yeti fight on your team's side for a little over a minute.

    This is also Medieval Mode with custom stuff
    • Engineer can build catapults, furnaces and walls by placing them like regular buildings.
    • Pyro can use Thermal Thruster, Gas Passer and a fireball.
    • Heavy has 400 HP and is slightly bigger in scale.
    This map is mainly for my own research to see if these ideas work together.

    (This map is essentially a2 of cp_ninfa)

    • Krazy for BLU manor assets
    • Treythepunkid for furnace prop
    • Contrails for catapult prop
    • Frontline! team for spire


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    4. pd_ninfa_a10007.jpg

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