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Fixed some texture errors, added more detailing to the point, the (newly added) hallway, and the alternate route. I rearranged the symmetrical room that lies to the side of the point. The split, two-path layout with a medium health pack in the opposite corners has been changed to a single path with the health (and now ammo) much closer to the center. the rocks blocking the center are short enough to jump over, or to place a sentry behind. I have also rearranged the health pack distribution. the small health and medium ammo that used to lie just in front of the point is now in the small room outside. as well, the medium health packs that used to be above the point have since been removed, as this made attackers much too tanky when spamming down from atop the ledge. I have also shortened the length of the ledge, allowing you to shoot directly at the main entrance from the ledge, but also allowing demos and soldiers to jump directly onto it in retaliation. as for major changes, i have removed the awkward sloped ledges that lined the top of the side room. this was replaced by gates that block the view into spawn from this location. another change to this area was extending the sloped ramp to match with the shack's sloped ramp. the rock that lies in front of the entrance to the room off to the side has been shifted to accommodate this change.