Nevada a6c

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Fixes so hot that I could melt Antarctica

- added a ramp on the left side of the point and extended the patio area
- redid the inside of main slightly
- smoothed out a corner on the left route


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Minor changes:
- lengthened the barrier on batts
- added two props on the point
- added health and ammo in the left route
- made the roofs of buildings higher, to allow soldiers to high bomb


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- massive lobby rework:
connected the right route with main
reworked the design of the left route slightly
connected the left route to upper
removed dropdown :(
created "patio" in main
created a dropdown, from the balcony to main (above the health pack)
- shrunkeded the map (map the distance from spawn to the connectors shorter, and made mid 192hu smaller)
- slightly redid the spawns
- connected the patio on the left route to the point area
- removed some rocks on mid, replaced with displacement ground
- replaced the barrel jump route with a ramp


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- redid the balcony area, so that the whole length is accessible
- added a dropdown from the balcony
- opened up the left route a lot

Not sure how these changes will play out, but we'll just have to wait and find out.


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Hey, I'm back.

This map has caused me the most pain out of any I've made... I've spent way too long trying to get this map functional again.

But here it is, and it's gotten some minor reworks and a new name.

It's basically the same map as a4a, but I've renamed it and maybe done some misc tweaks that I've forgotten about.

The only major change is shortening the cap time from 12 seconds to 8.


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- long sight lines annihilated (added a shutter door and barrier to the left route)
- reworked ammo and health pack placement
- created an upper route for snipers to look onto the point
- added second crate, allowing for all classes to access the balcony

Testing how a sniper balcony will go, if it's too good I may have to nerf it


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It's not exactly a verandah, but I wanted to have that reference.

- added a balcony/battlements on the right side route, allowing for a new attacking and retreating angle
- reworked the left side balcony/battlements
- I think I moved around or changed health packs?
- clutter: I didn't know how to block sight lines and create a mobility option, so I stuck some boxes in the middle of "silo", I dislike it, but I haven't got another idea yet
- retexturing: made the floor textures smooth, added hazard strips around the point, and made the side of the patio brick
- replaced the metal fence prop with a brush (much more stylish)
- moved the spawns around, so the exits are more central
- added ammo behind the barrier on the right side
- other minor tweaks

Really liking how the map is coming together.


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Well, I'm not sure if I've changed enough to warrant an update, but ay, here it is anyway.

- added fences on the point to block sight lines
- reworked the right route a lot
- yeah, there wasn't any health or ammo... now there is?
- other minor changes

I wonder if I can have the map with the least updates to get to RC?
We'll see...


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Haven't done this in so long that I forgot the version string :]