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"Negligence leads to Consequence!" 2017-02-11

Support your fellow Engineer by unsapping their buildings, reflecting projectiles, and spy checking

Time- ~27 hours
Program- FireAlpaca
Layers- ~150

The idea for my entry came from a casual session not too long ago. It was Barnblitz and I was one of two engies. Eventually, as is what happens in most matches, I died and my precious buildings were left to the enemy's godlike spy and any soldier or demo walking by. I kept typing in team chat for my team's engie to please heal and unsap my things, but it fell in deaf ears. So out came the idea for a poster about cooperative engineering, and, as the title of the game states, teamwork.
I did a rough draft of what I'd do for this poster on an iPad, so I had an idea of what I'd be doing once the jam started. I'd have to say I'm most proud of the two engineers and their lighting, they look like they have depth. My least favourite part about this are the buildings, though suprisingly I had more trouble with the dispenser than I did sentry (mostly cause I only had to do part of it rather than all of it).
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A great informational poster that gets the point across without too much going on; nice work!