Nectarine A3

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-Reduced spawn times
-Lowered initial clock time from 5min to 4min30sec
-Edited geometry of Blu's first spawn to make it easier for them to push out, and to make the walk to B slightly faster
-Moved A back before where the rollback zone was (very experimental)
-Reduced health and ammo in wooden building near A (from medium and large to small and medium, respectively)
-Added small health and medium ammo to lower flank route near B
-Moved B forward, past the enclosed space and towards the bridge
-Made window exit of Red's first spawn (Blu's third spawn) two-way, and added a perch to accomodate for the change
-Added a small ramp up to the window of Red's first spawn (Blu's third spawn), so that players don't have to jump to go through the window
-Added better (moving) signage to direct players from Red's first spawn to A and B
-Moved C forward, to right before the entrance to the large red building
-Added a playerclip ramp up to the windows around D, so that players don't have to jump to go through the windows
-Miscellaneous changes


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-Shorted respawn times
-Lowered one section in large red building before D and added solid railing to block sightlines
-Added barrier on balcony in large red building before D, to compensate for the lower floor height in one section
-Added 150-brightness light in red building before D to bring attention to flank route
-Added props in red building before D to block sightlines
-Changed yellow tape decorations between B and C to a dark red flat texture
-Added fences in B area to block sightlines
-Fixed issue with getting stuck right outside Blu's second spawn
-Removed a barrel in the area between A and B, to help make the lack of a route more obvious
-Added a crate in the building between A and B to help block sightlines
-Removed staircase up to bridge in the building between A and B
-Made the lights less yellow in the building between A and B
-Removed balcony above A
-Increased width/decreased length of staircase in Blu's first spawn
-Miscellaneous changes

I haven't updated the screenshots, as of yet.
I'm an idiot. CompilePal packs/repacks the file in tf, not in your personal folder.

@Umaroth-24, this should work now. You can check if you'd like.
So it looks like CompilePal packs your map after it is copied to the TF2 .bsp folder. I uploaded the .bsp from my .vmf folder.

This version is also repacked, so that should help.

@Umaroth-24, does this version work for you?
-Extended far Z clip pane to 8000HU (temporarily overkill)
-(Hopefully) packed custom content

@Umaroth-24, does this version work for you? If not, could you take screens of the missing content?
-Fixed spawnroom visualizers and various related bugs

Thank you @Messing Around and @theatreTECHIE for alerting me to the issues present in A1.