Nectarine A3

Creme nectarine and montelimar

  1. Cap location changes, miscellaneous

    -Reduced spawn times
    -Lowered initial clock time from 5min to 4min30sec
    -Edited geometry of Blu's first spawn to make it easier for them to push out, and to make the walk to B slightly faster
    -Moved A back before where the rollback zone was (very experimental)
    -Reduced health and ammo in wooden building near A (from medium and large to small and medium, respectively)
    -Added small health and medium ammo to lower flank route near B
    -Moved B forward, past the enclosed space and towards the bridge
    -Made window exit of Red's first spawn (Blu's third spawn) two-way, and added a perch to accomodate for the change
    -Added a small ramp up to the window of Red's first spawn (Blu's third spawn), so that players don't have to jump to go through the window
    -Added better (moving) signage to direct players from Red's first spawn to A and B
    -Moved C forward, to right before the entrance to the large red building
    -Added a playerclip ramp up to the windows around D, so that players don't have to jump to go through the windows
    -Miscellaneous changes


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