Narpas72 a9

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- Blocked sightlines
- Moved spawns back a bit and further up
- Spectator cameras now change depending on point owners
- Roof of B is now wood
- Added trusses and a minecart track to the mine behind A
- Other detailing
- Dom: Two seconds are automatically subtracted per second instead of three
- This means that if a team owns all three points, the enemy timer goes up by one second instead of staying in place
- Hopefully this should make comebacks a bit easier, and still have rounds finish in a decent ammount of time
- Dom: Starting timers decreased from 15 to 10 minutes to compensate


It's been a while, hasn't it! I'm gonna split this update log into two sections, layout changes and gamemode changes, as it shares some changes with the CP version.

First off, layout changes
  • Most of the ground has been turned into displacements (though there is only minimal geometry painting at the moment, so everything is still mostly flat)
  • Changed some geometry around to work better with displacements
  • Spawns have only seen very minimal changes
  • The shack at A has received texturing; no other major changes around A
  • The center of B has been raised up by 32 units for a bit more vertical interest
  • The awning at B near the train has been reworked, so it is now easier to get up to and looks better
  • B has been textured, as well as some minor detailing in the side rooms and on the platform
  • Added two small cap plates to the top of B to appease Yrrzy
  • Removed the alcove that the point hologram at C was sitting inside, and moved it to be placed on the ceiling; it looks a bit weird, as it's hanging upside-down, so a custom model will probably get made for it
As for gamemode changes, locking the most recently capped point just made things confusing. I did that to try and alleviate the problems with teams being spread out a lot, but it didn't seem to help much, so I still need to try and see if I can figure out something to help with that. The losing team feeling like it can't catch up with the winning team has been another issue with the gamemode, so I tried to make some changes to help with that. Now, when no points are owned, your timer will go down by three seconds (one for each point), rather than zero. Your timer will go down one second quicker for each point your team owns, and one second slower for each point the enemy team owns, meaning that it can go down anywhere from zero to six seconds at a time. This has an effect similar to the teams playing tug-of-war, with their owned points contributing to how fast they can pull the rope, and with goalpoints that the teams are trying to reach which are constantly getting closer to the center. I feel that this might be a bit too confusing, but I want to test it first. A modified PD HUD (like a lot of domination maps) could probably work well, especially for illustrating the "tug-of-war" aspect
Fixed LDR being fullbright
The main change with this version is to the gamemode. Now, instead of all points always being unlocked, a point will lock once it's captured, and then unlock once another point is captured, so the most recently captured point is always locked. Also changed the waterfall at C a bit to hopefully work a bit better. Also also made a Standin-style CP version which can be found here
We're back!
I don't remember all of the changes, but here are the major ones:
  • Brought both A and C ~256 units closer to mid
  • Raised capture times on all points
  • Expanded cave route behind C a bit
  • Replaced blocked off railing areas at A with plateaus that you can rocket/double jump onto
  • Expanded spawns back so you no longer spawn in the door triggers
Those should be the main ones
Here are the changes for A5:
  • Remade some of B
  • Remade spawn areas (again)
  • Changed around respawn wave times
  • Once a team's timer is less than two minutes, the enemy timer will start ticking down an extra second faster
  • Changed some pickups
  • Reverted the oob area around A to how it was in a1, with a clip brush to the ceiling instead of a trigger push. This means that you can no longer jump over or into the foliage/fences
  • Signs pointing to the cap zones not in the spawn areas now change colour depending on who owns the points they point to (but are still red if nobody owns the point, as there is no neutral skin)
Finally, here's version a4!
  • Remade the entire spawn area
  • Removed some pickups from around B to incentivize not camping there
  • Added a small health kit to the upper area in the connector to A
  • Added a small health kit on top of the medium health kit in the area between B and C
  • Added railings to the bridges at C
  • Widened C a bit
  • Added occluders to the deathpits at A
  • Added signage that points to the spawns
  • Removed railings at B
  • Added grates to see between the levels at B
  • Decreased time to hold to 7:30
  • Some bit of minor detailing
Screenshots to be updated soon (hopefully)
This map has been updated a bit since the last update I posted here, a2. Here's most of the changes since then I remember

  • Widened a bunch of areas
  • Removed a bit of cover and opened up some areas
  • Added signage
  • Added lettered icons to the caps on the hud
  • Changed respawn wave times to be more in favor of the losing team
  • Decreased amount of time off clock by owning all points to four seconds from five seconds
  • Some other stuff probably
Some changes I'll cover later, just here to upload in time
Minor update:
  • Added fences to show where the end of the world is
  • Added small lighting
  • Added spectator cameras
  • Screenshots!