Narpas72 a6

3CP Domination with a focus on interesting points

  1. A4

    Finally, here's version a4!
    • Remade the entire spawn area
    • Removed some pickups from around B to incentivize not camping there
    • Added a small health kit to the upper area in the connector to A
    • Added a small health kit on top of the medium health kit in the area between B and C
    • Added railings to the bridges at C
    • Widened C a bit
    • Added occluders to the deathpits at A
    • Added signage that points to the spawns
    • Removed railings at B
    • Added grates to see between the levels at B
    • Decreased time to hold to 7:30
    • Some bit of minor detailing
    Screenshots to be updated soon (hopefully)
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