Narpas72 (CP)

Narpas72 (CP) a9

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- Blocked sightlines
- Moved spawns back a bit and further up
- Spectator cameras now change depending on point owners
- Roof of B is now wood
- Added trusses and a minecart track to the mine behind A
- Other detailing
- CP: (Hopefully) Fixed overtime logic and spawn time balance
- CP: Capture progress now decays 8x faster while in overtime (one team owns all points, other team has capture progress--this is how it works in other gamemodes)


For changes to the base layout, see the update for the domination version.

In the previous version, people were confused as to why a team would win while the other team was in the process of capturing a control point, which is how Standin works. Rounds also went extremely fast, which I liked. Standin tries to get around the lack of overtime by extending the capture times, but this doesn't alleviate the confusion caused by an instant win, and can drag rounds out a bit too long in my taste. I've decided to try and implement an overtime system working similar to KotH or 2CP Arena, where if one team captures all the points while the other team is capturing, it initiates a sort of overtime until a team owns all the points, without any enemy capture progress on any of them. I couldn't find a way to enable actual overtime (which causes capture progress to degrade faster), so this does mean that the team owning the points will have to fight to defend them more, but this is something I should be able to fix if it ends up being an issue. If enough people are interested in the overtime logic, I'll upload it once I've got the kinks ironed out.
I've also changed the spawn times to be more dynamic than what Standin has, more in line with KotH (I'll put the specifics in a spoiler)
Spawn times are determined by how many more or less control points one team has over the other. If both teams have the same amount of control points (none owned, or both owning one), spawn wave times are six seconds, the same as KotH if the point is unowned. If a team owns one more point than the other team (one team owns one and the other none, or one team owns two and the other one, which should be most play), the winning team has eight seconds and the losing four, which is the same as KotH. If one team owns two or three points more than the other (one team owns two and the other none, or one team owning all points), the winning team has ten seconds and the losing two
Fixed LDR being fullbright