Napoleon A2

I attempted payload again. Let's see how it goes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. Mâché
    I attempted making a payload map again. This one is more than a week's in the making, just for the A1.

    It's single stage with 4 points and a dynamic door that changes hands when the second point is capped (it can only be used by RED in the beginning, but capping B makes it so only BLU can use it).

    20160910120017_1.jpg 20160910120032_1.jpg 20160910120049_1.jpg 20160910120057_1.jpg 20160910120107_1.jpg 20160910120126_1.jpg 20160910120147_1.jpg

    P.S: Why is the map called Napoleon?
    In George Orwell's "Animal Farm," the main villian is a pig named Napoleon, who is a metaphor for Joseph Stalin. The map starts off with a sort of rural farm area that's actually the facade for a much more industrial complex, much like how the book's farm characters and setting are a metaphor for Russia during the Russian Revolution.

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