Medieval Mystake A1a

Capture the Enemy Base before They Capture Yours!

  1. Yaki
    Made for Back2TheBasics event.

    Special Delivery and Medieval combined is probably a mystic-mistake: a MYSTAKE!

    Gameplay: This is Special Delivery with a twist, so bare with me on the explanation.
    - Each side has 3 CPs (6 total).
    - The Australium Intelligence must be taken from the center. This determines which team is attacking and which is defending.
    - If your team grabs the intelligence, they must carry it to the opposing side to capture their base.
    - If your team is defending, they must wait until the intelligence timer has run out before the whole thing starts again.

    Additional Info:
    - It is Medieval Mode
    - Map is mirrored like Probed.

    It should be more obvious once testing begins.


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