[MvZ] Flatground 1.0.1

My first map in the MvZ lineup.

  1. GamerBrown50
    MvZ (Mann vs Zombies) is a collection of MvM maps that are (for the most part) large, flat spaces where the Zombies travel in lanes (thanks to the very simple tampering with the navigation mesh) like the actual Plants vs Zombies. And before you ask, yes, you (and the Zombies if they somehow get launched) can pass through the lanes. Just like normal MvM, stop them from carrying the bomb to the hatch. The missions that are included with these maps are designed to be beaten in singleplayer, but you can play them with your friends if you want. Just note that if you do, the missions will probably be too easy.

    Note for those who decide to make their own missions for this: There is no boss path for the Tanks here, as well as no hints for engineers, snipers, or spies.

    Includes: Daytime and Nighttime version as 2 separate maps, 3 missions (2 Daytime and 1 Nighttime) and 1 template file for the Zombies.

    Recommended play order: mvm_flatground_day_intermediate, mvm_flatground_day_expert, mvm_flatground_night_advanced


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