Mvm_strider nav file v1.07


  1. Just More fixes

    Evil Glaceon
    +Made the map less laggy low fps (Note this was Tested on a Non Gaming laptop)
    *Fixed more area's that robots can get stuck at
    *Lower Uber in spawn was 6 to 4
    *Fixed MORE Clipping
    *Made Strider have 5k health per bar and made it slower and respawns in 4 mins now
  2. Last Update For sure

    Evil Glaceon
    *Fix nav file for gaint robots
  3. Smaller size download

    Evil Glaceon
    More fix's to nav and map it self
  4. Bugs fix's

    Evil Glaceon
    Now there a the bsp file soo you guys dont have to use the workshop
  5. POP file fix and added better upgrades vpk

    Evil Glaceon
    *Fixed a Error in pop file that robot are humans
    *Fixed sum giant bots not spawning right
    *Lower sum robot health
    +Added a better upgrade vpk made for the pop file!
  6. POP flie and nav update

    Evil Glaceon
    +Added a pop file for testing!
    Updated to newer version of map
  7. Bug's Fix And stuck bots

    Evil Glaceon
    *Fixed sum spots that robots get stuck at
    *updated the nav all and did alot of testing on