mvm_amf b7

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mvm_amf b7

A frontline styled MAn Vs. Machine

This is mvm map made for both the Frontline update, and the mvm contest.

Apologies if it looks horrible, this is my first time trying to make a mvm map.

Credit to all the creators of the stuff I used in my map.

I need to go through and check, but there are a few that I can remember off the top of my head.

Void and Rexy for the computer screens

Rexy for the filing cabinit

The Frontline crew for the assets

The creators of the Maritine stuff for those assets

Who ever made the train barreir things from the ETOL pack

And more that forget at the moment.
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Mann Vs. Machine
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Latest updates

  1. ggoogog

    go gogo
  2. I'm a bit slow

    I would need more time to add more things, but I feel that It's pretty good for my first map. Just a few small changes here and there, major things are needed to be changed for it to go to rc, but I guess I don't have that time. There are many...
  3. Not much of a change

    There isn't much that was changed. Theres the hall added to secret base, windows, little more detail to middle building, and some popfile changes. I still need to finish some of the rooms and figure out how to fix that lighting bug.

Latest reviews

Awright; It's h-u-g-e and nothing out of the ordinary,but ya done good. The textures and the glass museum showcase aren't spectacular, but most giant environs are usually wasted with outrageously paced uber powerful, uber-bots, but this works quite well. The navigation points are well utilized, and our team on the Allgood server like this map. We test and vote on maps we include on our server. We play well with others so I don't have to.