mvm whitecliff a6a

mvm on the cliffs of dover

  1. EwanLan
    A mvm map set alongside the cliffs of Dover. Feauturing a capture point bots can use to open a quicker routes to the bomb hatch and a totally well thought out, balanced pop file to make it all playable. Made for the 72 hr Summer Jam

    Birchly - layout, detailing, clipping

    Eve (me) - pop file, logic, optimization

    a6a-9.png a6a-10.png a6a-1.png a6a-7.png a6a-5.png a6a-3.png a6a-2.png a6a-4.png a6a-6.png

    Asset credits
    Frontline Team - Various models/textures
    Ravidge - Lighting library
    Rexy - Forklift model, File cabinets
    Evil knevil, NassimO - delivery van
    Necro - Urban Fences
    Bulletcrops pack - Various assets
    Cytosolic, Mattie, FGD5, Izotope - Various london asset pack props
    Bakscratch - Bakscratch model collection