MVM Overflow B6

recommend for expert user

  1. RatioS
    Another map that have gatebot and gate
    it has a,b and c gate

    A - the shortcut gate
    it opens short way for robot

    B (ridge) - the first spawn changing gate
    open the bridge and give robot's new spawn

    C (Train) - last gate it also change spawn
    (TODO) it enable train that transfer robot

    Released Difficulty: Advanced (not tested), Expert
    Release Later: Advanced 2, Intermediate 1,2, Nornal, Ironman

    Alternative Download if your download slow
    [Download (Dropbox)]

    Flowaria - Mapper
    Popfile: Advanced1 (temp, not tested)

    Clickin - Lead Popfile maker
    Popfile: Expert1 and robot_click* template files

    Overlord - Sign design, Icon design, Huge idea pool


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