MvM Isolation Mission Extension Pack

MvM Isolation Mission Extension Pack V1

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MvM Isolation Mission Extension Pack V1

extra missions for mvm isolation rc3 :P

Well, this is my 1st be gentle XD

Anyway! this is a mission pack for E-Arkham's mvm isolation map!
As it sounds, it's a pack that has 5 extra missions made by me for this mission!

This mission pack contains:

Frozen Frenzy (Nightmare Difficulty)

Chilling Pain (Expert Difficulty)

Brutal Icestorm (Advanced Difficulty)

Deadly Blizzard (Intermediate Difficulty)

The missions will require good teamwork to beat (especially Frozen Frenzy, which appears to be at own risk)
You will notice that when you open the zip file that there's a "MvM Wonders' Icons" Those icons belong to me, i separated them to avoid confusion with the IG team icons.

so yea, have fun playing these missions! :3
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