[MVM] Capture Gates Move Tank Spawns v1

Teleport Tanks to updated spawns for when robots cap a gate

  1. Yaki
    Wow! Is your first tank spawn place old and grungy? Need a NEW and UPDATED spawn location for when your robot friends capture the gate?

    Look no further! This prefab (quite decisively) solves that problem using some Hammer and logic to change a spawn location of a tank. This can happen when the robots capture a gate, or for any time you want to change locations of a tank's spawn by only using one path_track.

    Clean and tidy, this prefab is commented using info_* entities or on the entity itself. The info_*'s are grouped, and the entities not technically required but are used to make the prefab work are also grouped for easy organization.

    I hope this prefab works for you! Comment below if you have any questions about this prefab.

    Have fun, map-crafters!


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