[MVM CAMPAIGN] Gear Jamming V6

Advanced difficulty missions with some new bots

  1. Startacker!
    [MVM CAMPAIGN] Gear Jamming - Advanced difficulty missions with some new bots

    Icon is garbo I don't care

    The souls of THOUSANDS OF DISGRUNTLED DESIGNERS have taken over an army of robots! And they want to take their anger out on YOU!

    Unmapped Mayhem takes you to the mountains of Steep! Who knows what's in these caves that the metal menace wants...

    Hammer Crash takes you to the shores of Havana! I don't have a cool tagline for this one! Woah! I'm in Space Cuba!

    Off-World Leak launches you straight to Spacepost! How these rogue bots found, let alone got here, is a mystery.

    Download all maps at their respective threads:

    --Installation info--
    Put scripts and materials into your Team Fortress 2/tf/ folder.

    Uses custom icons created by Lvl. 100 Spycrab, Snowbat, Alias, Woozlez, and Hydrogen. Located here

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