MVM Area 52

MVM Area 52 RC3 v6

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Fixed the download
- Updated missions.
- Fixed alot of minor inconsistencies.
- Removed alot of useless code which does nothing.
- Normal: Tanks now spawn with the final giants on Wave 7.
- Expert: Fixed an issue where one of the Gate Tanks on Wave 5 would not use the "final tank" skin.
The route map is now included in the zip
The final versions of all missions for Area 52 are included in the download now. This means you have access to all five missions at their very best.
Very small nav update - There was one single nav rectangle that was defined as blocked because of a clipping edit, which caused all sentry busters to blow up at spawn. This is a pretty big issue, but a very small fix that doesn't require a bsp update, just a nav update. Therefore, only redownload if you're hosting the map!
Reduced prop count from 1560 to 1140.
Mannhattan-specific voicelines now play when the gates are captured or are being captured.
Removed some invasion content. All that remains is the saucer, a ring, and the jump pads.
Updated missions.
Updates HUD files.
Added missing HUD files, and added a missing template for a bot in expert
Elevator pit is closed off during boss waves now!
Invasion posters added
Adjusted Hud Icons
Updated Advanced1