MVM Area 52

MVM Area 52 RC3 v6

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A server favorite. I't well built, populated,and fun. Too bad there are no jump pads outside the building. We test maps, and the team votes. This has been a hands down favorite on the Allgood_mvm server, running for over 10 years.
Very good MvM map with a much better implementation of the gate opening mechanic with the tank being able to open the door as well, encouraging much more aggressive holds by providing high reward while also having several backup points to re-establish the front when pushed back. Also fairly small "decoy-ish" size map for a good challenge when the gate is opened.
Thank you very much for the review! This is a really nice quick description that describes all the major qualities that we tried to build into the map.
Fucking great map, had a blast playtesting and helping with the missions and also making my own. I need more from you, Woozlez!
a very fun and well done map! popular on the servers I have played on. love the "bouncy" objects