Mutagen a5

Fight over some glowing goo.

  1. A5: Entrances and Exits

    Imgur album (doesn't include mid changes)

    -Closed off water room in lobby from spiral
    -Moved healthkits around
    -Shifted some cover around
    -Added second entrance to Secret
    -Added small ramp to side of point

    -Added jump route from Balcony to point
    -Added small health to Balcony
    -Opened up far left(route near greenhouse), rollouts are now easier and more fluid
    -Moved ammo kits around
    -Added some(messy at the moment) cover around all 3 routes' exits
    -->Garage now directs players more toward the center of the area

    -Glass in greenhouse is now opaque
    -Raised wall separating Garage from Middle
    -Added back wooden cover to the point
    -Added prop jump to the point from left side of Center
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