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mun a2

some how they got to the mun. not the moon. the mun. but hey it makes a pretty cool arena!

its very simple. take the whaky stuff from ksp. (rockets shooting things and explosions.) add it to a tf2 arena map. and boom you got arena_mun!
First release
Last update

More downloads from vulduv

  • launch
    blu team are invading a red "radar base" to stop them from launching a rocket
  • winter war
    winter war
    in a winter war. red and blu has a... war...
  • pl_switchtrack
    a payload map with a junction. thats controled by a capture point.
  • Oil Ridge
    Oil Ridge
    Red have built an oil rig. blu are trying to destroy it. thats it.
  • koth_boom_factory_pro
    a koth map that will have a joke version at a later date.

Latest updates

  1. the whaky update

    whats new? *new spaceplane that lands and then flies away. *new rocket that flies overhead. *a crater explodes when the control point becomes active. and everyone gets flung up in the air. *made it so you get shoot out of spawn when the round...