Multidefence b2

Prepare to protect three flanks

  1. LordofCreepers
    Hah! It can be worst experience in your life.

    You have three points (Watchtower, Wreckage and Storage tank), and capture each of them captures all points. You must have unique taktical brains to assault or defend this territorry. Spread into squads to protect points. Become annoying rat and attack one by one to confuse enemy. Don't groupe together. It will make you very slow. Each point is MOST IMPORTANT! Never surrender!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!!


    1. koth_multidefence0007.png
    2. koth_multidefence0008.png
    3. koth_multidefence0009.png
    4. koth_multidefence0010.png
    5. koth_multidefence0011.png
    6. koth_multidefence0012.png

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