Muckwater B4b

Fight over crocodiles (literally) and a boathouse (figuratively) in the bayou

  1. The Widening!


    Added an additional, more open route around the back of the Boathouse
    + Added more cover for the Water Flank and widened it
    + Added additional ammo pack on the Water Flank
    + Shifted the Spawns over to be in front of the Boathouse
    - Merged the 2 ammo packs in the upper rooms to 1 in at the top of the stairs

    Small Fixes:

    + Experimented a little more with the Swamp Theme
    + Attempted to lighten up previously dark areas

    To Do:
    - Change CP Name to Boathouse
    - Fix lighting
    - Establish theme more thoroughly
    - Fix "invisible water" issue
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