Mount Shasta A2

3 Control Point attack defense map in early developmental phases.

  1. Uncle Gandhi
    Mount Shasta (cp_shasta) is a 3-Control point attack defense map. It takes inspiration from several maps, such as Gorge, my own Dawn, Mercenary Park, Upward, and Badwater. I've tried to design a smoothly playing map with lots of niche, discoverable tactics. (More on my design insights below the pictures.)

    Now for some brief design insight. I may make a video on this is the future.

    Starting with Point A. I'm currently considering expanding this area in some way, as I have felt a little claustrophobic, especially playing Scout. Other than that, I am pretty happy with this area. As pictured in the thumbnail above, there is a door that opens upon Blu capture of A, which allows for a smooth transition to B

    For Point B, I have attempted to make a more engaging experience that the B point of other 3cp A/D maps, such as Merc Park or Mountain Lab. I feel that B is often overlooked and easily captured. During earlier development of this map, I also felt I was overlooking B and decided to put a lot of work into it. It ended up becoming one of my favorite points. On other 3CP A/D maps, if A is capped, it seems there is a 90% chance B will get steamrolled as well or just not cared about. I've worked to make a dynamic, interesting play environment for B so that it is an actual, important part of the match, and not just overlooked, whilst still keeping in mind that it is a sort of transition from A to C. Hopefully I have done this well; I will be listening to feedback to improve this area to the best it can be.

    Point C started out quite boring and basic on this map; there was only one hole in the wall for some offensive high ground, and no areas for the defense to perch. Recently I added a new perching area for defenders, especially engineers, and made sure to allow vulnerabilities so it does not become an annoying, impenetrable obstacle. Other that that, I've tried to keep an indoor, controllable; yet still breathable and attackable, final capture point environment.

    I look forward to you feedback on the map!

    Thank you, and have a great day!


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