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King of the Hill
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  1. Beta 1? Sure.

    hey whats up guys, its me erk again with another update to that really cold map moroz. Just gonna shove this in before the deadline real quick but I'll keep working on it for now. Changes: +Textured a bunch of stuff, redid a lot of...
  2. Forgot to repack.

    oof, thank u geit for ur wisdom https://tf2maps.net/threads/repacking-your-maps.24822/
  3. New Update, A lot of changes

    Hey, its me again. so I guess I am going to be going with this map for the smissmas event. This map is named Moroz, which is Russian for Frost. I think the map takes place somewhere in the mountains of Russia. I picked Moroz because...

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The gameplay sucks, it's really open and really small at the same time, needs polishing