Moondust b4

Made by Random Chaos

  1. Random Chaos


    July and Beta 4.1 is released. Very minor gameplay updates to Beta 4.

    Going to put this in a Saturday test soon so I can get feedback again.

    Enjoy, and look forward to feedback!

    Original post follows, dated 02-Jan-2015:
    - - - - - -

    I am new to TF2 mapping, started about 3 weeks ago, played around with an early map idea for a week, then spent the last two weeks on this map
    PL Moondust, aka Cave Johnson’s Moondust MineThe theme: Cave Johnson established a moondust mine and surrounding town during his running of Aperture Labs before it was abandoned. Following the launch of several rocket ships by the MANN company, Red found and took over the remains of this mine. Now Blu is assaulting the mine and attempting to destroy the Red rockets trying to return home with Moondust.

    - - - - - - - -

    Enjoy the map! Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?



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