72hr Moonblast_bonus A1_reupload

Fuel the jack powered command center in this koth pass hybrid to become famous and blow up the moon

  1. Flipy
    A koth/pass hybrid of my original koth_moonblast submission
    Link to the original koth version vvvvvv

    Which team will get to get credit for blowing up the moon and become world famous? Neither, as blowing up the moon will unleleash a horrible chain of events that dooms humanity, but what else are they going to do with this missile? Both red and blu teams battle it out on this asteroid base that powers the engines for a nuke capable of destroying the moon! This low gravity asteroid base is a small and fluid koth map that encourages closer and quicker combat while using the low gravity and height to your advantage. Try to keep the information relay under your teams control so that your team can be the ones to fuel the relay station and send the message to blow up the moon. For some reason this relay station is also powered by the passtime jack, so go at it!

    The original moonblast was made for the 72 hour jam, and I felt like giving it a second and more unique version, however the original koth map is still my main submission


    Dont have the time to upload a video demonstration, but the mode is fully functional! (not with bots though)

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