Moonblast A6

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-Loads of clipping (I probably still missed stuff)
-Removed prop behind point for better skybox visability
-New jumpad in sewer leading to the point by building
-Gravity now changes depending on whether youre inside or outside
-Added a (crappy) custom texture to each door that changes gravity, hopefully I packed it in right
-Low gravity is now 0.8 instead of 0.6 to make some scientists happy
-Lowered some buildings so you can actually see the skybox a bit more
-Clipped off solar panel buildings entirely
-Improved jump pad accuracy
-One way doors open quicker
-Raised spawn windows
-Redid some off grid stairs that were making me cry


Small update to test some ideas + quality of life changes

-Removed the low gravity
(This is temporary to see how it plays out)
-Added new one way doors to the jump pad routes
(This should prevent being able to rush the enemy spawn quickly)
-Hopefully fixed spawn doors sometimes not opening
-Clipped some windows so you cant stand on top of them
-Moon has some (really lazy) debris after exploding
-Changed some heath kits from medium to small
I forgot about this map, and I wanted to go back and update it.

-revived the map from the dead
-added cover to ramps
-added decals indicating jump pads
-cant cap standing on barriers
-added some signs
-adjusted pipe clipping near small pit
-nobuilded roofs

Pictures of ramp cover

Added workshop link since I cannot figure out how to fix the normal download