Moo-dy Tuesdays 2018-07-28

Wooden cows getting drunk.

  1. Cheezy
    Well, a cow gets hit by a jeep, then gets shot. In dispair, he goes to the local speakeasy and orders a high quality beer with no branding what so ever. The cow gets so drunk he explodes. Thats really it. Nothing else. Thats the entire story. Why are you still reading this. Stop it. Stop reading this. You are wasting your time. It'd be quicker to watch the video yourself. Stop reading already. Stop. STOP. NO. I CAN TELL YOURE STILL READING THIS AND I WONT STAND FOR IT. I don't wanna stand. My chair is very comfy.

    Also: Thumbnail has nothing to do with the animation i just really like that image and i dont have a proper thumbnail.


    1. flapjack1.png