Montana a11

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* Completely reworked last again
* Changed the routing into one of the B buildings
* Removed one of the chicken-wire fences on B
* Removed one of the routes into C
* Moved the C cap back a little
* Added a door to last that closes after the cart is pushed through it
* Added another flank into last
* Made it so Red spawns at last after B is capped

a11 pics:
* Completely reworked last
* Changed the A shortcut to open later
* Changed the A shortcut to a one-way door
* Made the crate that the cart passes through bigger

a10 pics:
20220127140433_1.jpg 20220127140421_1.jpg 20220127140444_1.jpg 20220127140450_1.jpg 20220127140500_1.jpg 20220127140517_1.jpg 20220127140556_1.jpg
* Removed the doors from the crate that the cart passes through
* Re-added the shortcut after A is capped but moved the trigger after the crate
* Added a staircase to B to make it easier for blu
* Added a route from blu's B building to the flank
* Removed excessive ammo from B
* Added a chickenwire fence to B
* Removed the one-way door and its ramp from B
* Moved the third C doorway to face the choke
* Added more highground to C for red
* Added a door that opens after C is capped to prevent over-flanking on C
* Added a forward spawn for red on C
* Moved the D cap back to a new area
* Moved red's D spawns back
* Added a new cliff route to flank D

a9 pics:
20220121154720_1.jpg 20220121154738_1.jpg 20220121154800_1.jpg 20220121154816_1.jpg 20220121154844_1.jpg 20220121154936_1.jpg 20220121155014_1.jpg
* fixed some odd skybox stuff
* made some less obvious paths more obvious
* made some non-paths less obvious
* removed the sightline inside Red's B building
* removed the one-way door shortcut to last
* fixed the jumps and stairs around the engi zone at A
* removed the A shortcut
* removed the fence on the outer D highground
* remade the crane in brushwork
* moved the walls in the A push building
* fixed weird stairs in the A push building
* added a flank below the C hill
* widened the D door slightly
* removed the cliff spawncamp path
* added a crate to the D hill to help with sightlines
* added another ramp for Red inside D
* removed the cave path at D
* fixed the explosive kill trigger when Blu wins
* made one wall of the B bridge into wood
* fixed the prop jump at A to not require crouch jumping
* added small roll-forward and roll-back zones to the B crate
* raised the fence at the engi zone on A
* added a one-way door to Red's B building
* added stairs to the B flank building
* added a doorway in the B cave onto the point
* extended the upper engi zone on D

a8 pics:
20220112223440_1.jpg 20220112223454_1.jpg 20220112223513_1.jpg 20220112223525_1.jpg 20220112223541_1.jpg 20220112223553_1.jpg
* Fixed misplaced nodraw
* Made displacements less blocky
* Fixed some stair steepness
* Made some stairs wider
* Added a couple more buildings that can be used to flank around C and D
* Covered the final death pit with a brush
* Added some stairs to what was previously a jump
* Added a train car to B to block sightlines lol, probably gonna need to be reworked but I want to see how it plays first
* Changed the geometry around the D flank

a7 pics:
20220102211428_1.jpg 20220102211519_1.jpg 20220102211544_1.jpg 20220102211605_1.jpg 20220102211649_1.jpg 20220102211724_1.jpg
* Changed some textures in blu spawn
* Adjusted scaling throughout the map, still might need to be smaller
* Removed the cave cliff area
* Made the outer D area smaller
* Fixed the rollback zone at last
* Fixed a couple long sightlines
* Added ramps up to the outer area on D
* Fixed diaper skybox lol
* Removed unnecessary shutters
* Removed the ability to walk under the tank ramp
* Hopefully made it easier to defend B
* Fixed red backspawn teleport
* Hopefully made A easier to attack
* Added another route to the upper C area

a6 pics:
20211209195052_1.jpg 20211209195124_1.jpg 20211209195136_1.jpg 20211209195146_1.jpg 20211209195220_1.jpg 20211209195243_1.jpg 20211209195316_1.jpg
* Moved blu forward spawns into the C cave
* Made spotlights shorter
* Moved red spawn farther from B
* Moved blu B forward spawn farther from the capture point
* Moved the crane into the playable space
* Added a truck between B and C
* Added a ramp to access the tank at C
* Added a railing to the D flank
* Now red forward spawners will teleport to the back spawn automatically
* Hopefully fixed getting stuck on the well door
* Force respawn red after A is capped
* Adjusted sniper sightlines on D
* Added a new entrance to D
* Removed the outer area below the cliff

a5 pics:
20211129224245_1.jpg 20211129224255_1.jpg 20211129224307_1.jpg 20211129224316_1.jpg 20211129224330_1.jpg 20211129224341_1.jpg20211129224356_1.jpg
This update only took a week instead of a year B)

* Even smaller outside areas
* More terrain near B and C
* Fixed getting stuck on the top of C door
* Moved capture points up a bit
* Mainly waiting on retest of C and D, I couldn't figure out what happened so hopefully no one crashes this time

a4 pics:
20211122092121_1.jpg 20211122092142_1.jpg 20211122092207_1.jpg 20211122092218_1.jpg 20211122092237_1.jpg 20211122092257_1.jpg 20211122092324_1.jpg
It seems that I'm only going to update this map yearly. Anyways here's the update:

* Smaller outside areas
* Better routing
* Different buildings around C

a3 pics:
20211115182826_1.jpg 20211115182842_1.jpg 20211115182913_1.jpg 20211115182940_1.jpg 20211115182951_1.jpg 20211115183020_1.jpg