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Montagna A1

Based in some place with Mountains

  1. CareBear
    This is another one of those "My first 5cp map." sorta things. As that is exactly what this is.

    cp_montagna is a map with a cp_process theme in mind. All feedback is greatly appreciated

    "Montagna" is Italian for "Mountain" so this is really called "cp_mountain

    Also, apologies for low quality screenshots as I am not using my current computer as of posting this.
    20170902173507_1.jpg 20170902173458_1.jpg 20170902173500_1.jpg 20170902173519_1.jpg 20170902173526_1.jpg 20170902173531_1.jpg 20170902173536_1.jpg 20170902173544_1.jpg 20170902173612_1.jpg 20170902173626_1.jpg 20170902173638_1.jpg