Modestly Hot Cosmetic Set for Pyro

72hr Jam 2022 Modestly Hot Cosmetic Set for Pyro Final

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72hr Jam 2022 Modestly Hot Cosmetic Set for Pyro Final

Pyro Dress Cosmetic designed in Marvelous Studio 6

I am still learning how to use Marvelous Designer... I will be using this page as a journal of my progress.

1.5 Hours in:
Started with the basic shape. Not too many details yet

53 hours left

Spent the last few hours watching tutorials. Redid the skirt and got a nice pleated effect now, but it seems like to much detail for TF, so I don't know if I'm going to keep it. Started modeling a short jacket, still missing lots of detail, though I'm okay with it's basic shape at this point. Not sure what I'm going to do with the pyros default collar sticking out there, I'm thinking about having big pearls or something on the final model, though that's probably going to be too huge to look good.


50.5 Hours Left

Redid the skirt again, Really liking how it turned out this time. Much less pleated bits makes it look more TF appropriate, and the flowing effect is groovy. Fixed up the jacket and added some details. Threw on the grenade strap for good measure... Need sleep now, be back soon!


29 Hours Left
Comparison shot of LOD0 and high poly model for bump map. Note that this isn't the texture, just flat colors.


27 hours left

Added pearls, which are going to be paintable (Mostly likely a pale paint color). Created the UVW map using big islands.


24 hours left

Texture is nearly done!


6.5 Hours left

Created a purse to replace the pouch. Texture is finished, paint works as I wanted it to. All that's left is to make sure rigging is good, LODs and promo stuff!


6 Hours left

Blue team made, item is rigged. Onto LODs.


4 Hours left

Dress is done, now modeling a hat. Trying to keep it under 700 faces to save on LODs. Gonna have a big ol' sunflower on it.

3 Hours Left


2 Hours

Almost done! Only promo shots left to make, and then I'm done with my 72 hour submission!


1.5 Hours

And we're done!
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This is a thing of beauty. The purse is the pièce de résistance! WANT.