Missing Menu Photos (2021-11-13)

Add menu photos to the official maps that doesn't have it!

  1. Lacry
    This is a collection of menu photos for official maps that doesn't have it.

    -A preview of how it looks
    -.vmt and .vtf of the photos
    -Instructions on how to use it​

    -Lacry: Everything​


    1. Photo 01.png
    2. Photo 02.png
    3. Photo 03.png
    4. Photo 04.png
    5. Photo 05.png
    6. Photo 06.png
    7. Photo 07.png
    8. Photo 08.png

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  1. Resolution fixed

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  1. Katsu! :3
    Katsu! :3
    Version: (2021-09-19)
    Great addition that should be added :D