Mirror'd Track 1.0

Made by pitto

  1. pitto

    Mirror'd Tracks by Pitto

    These are the branch pieces of track that valve has,
    but mirror'd to support plr maps in particular
    When using them don't forget to pack them into the bsp

    Extract the pitto folder to: \Steam\SteamApps\<steam user name>\team fortress 2\tf\models

    The pieces can be searched in the model browser using 'track' like the other track peices
    In the pictures the valve models are in the gravel area, my models are in the sandy area.

    Don't bother with credit
    all I did was decompile, mirror and recompile

    While these track pieces can be made from a straight 256, and a 96 s bend/90 degree bend, the overlapping of the wood slats looks ugly, and usually ends up in z-fighting (flickering textures)

    This is the first time I have decompiled and compiled a model, so if there are any errors please let me know, and I will fix.


    1. new_track_test0000.jpg
    2. new_track_test0001.jpg