Mini-nuke projectile models 2017-05-02

Shoot nukes dummy

  1. Faux Rhinoceros
    Contains a mini nuke and a micro nuke.

    I scaled down and rotated the seperate nuke model (from the standard payload cart).

    The idea was to make a demoman robot fire it from his gun in a MvM mission i'm making. If you wanna do something like it, this is how it's done in the .pop file:

                    ItemName "The Loose Cannon"
                    "custom projectile model" "models/props_trainyard/cart_bomb_mininuke.mdl"
    This of course assumes that you're using the loose cannon and the mini nuke. Afaik this can ONLY be done to demoman weapons (there are no rocket lauchers with their own rocket models).

    If you use one of these, you need to have a prop_dynamic in the map using the model. Otherwise the game will crash.

    Have fun. demonuke1.png demonuke2.png