Minehill b7

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mainly clipping
adding back mising meshes from one side of the map to another
enjoy :')
many improvements
back to basics
that's it enjoy
-sniper spot moved to mid
-mid changes
-mine changes
-team building changes
-capture zone on mid is more visible
-mid zone is now a bit bigger and moved closer to the back
-mid building moved back
-cliff route is lower and sniper proof
-team building balcony got some walls
- spawn cliff route is no more (my beloved will be remembered)
-added a wall on a staircase near spawn
- viaduct rock is no more let's welcome **THE TOWERS**
-mid ramp is now wider
-lower part of the building now splits into 2 ways
-added a flank on the cliffside
-higher floor is now less blocky and more open
-added few props
-added a wall on mid
-fixed being able to lauch pipes through out of bounds part of the map
-added lights in previously too dark area near mid
-ramp builidng upgrade
-added a new way to get on mid
-control zone is now larger
-closed off useless spawn flank that was never used
-spawn room cellings are now higher
-fixed the red team spawn points being further from mid than blue's
-announcer is now working
-bigger doorways in team buildings
-made the mid section smaller
-sniper platform is smaller too
-point capture zone is wider
-moved mines closer to mid point
-added new walls on mid and extended other
-moved the mid ramp
-lowered the hight out of the cliff walkway
-fixed the tf logic so it counts and you can hear announcer