Millstone b6

Made by ics

  1. ics

    This is the map that i have been working for during last 2 months + enhancing it 2-3 weeks on top of that. I find this map being very good lesson into world of TF2 mapping as i work on new projects in the future.

    I created download site for the map with images and to distribute the map so you might want to check this out too as it has full changelog and screenies. (Though those screenshots are here now too).

    So, comments appreciated and suggestions. I'll return here and read them time to time as i work towards the end. Thanks.

    Releases and dates:

    b1: 23rd of Dec 2010
    b2: 25th of Dec 2010
    b3: 30th of Dec 2010
    b4: 4th of Jan 2011
    b5: 9th of Jan 2011
    b6: 9th of Jan 2011

    Next: No plans made yet


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    3. cap_c.jpg
    4. inside.jpg
    5. outside.jpg