Mill rc3

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Mill rc3

By IrishTaxIDriver

Hello! You might be familiar with this map from here, in which the issue turned out to be some pesky water texture! Nuts to full on world reflection!

I also wanted to wait until I fixed the obvious problems until I brought the map here. Also I did see Loc_n_lol's fabulous KoTH map Watermill which made me apprehensive about posting, but I now feel they're different enough that they can exist in the same space.

It is a mirrored King of the Hill map set in a giant grain mill. While the day to day operations are milling grain, both BLU and RED use the mill as a front to ship gold around the country tax free! It also has two lumber camps on either side.

Mill is a vertical map. I love maps with vertical gameplay as I feel there isn't enough in the official maps. I tend to design around the classes I'm playing the most at the time and this map was built with the soldier in mind, but scouts and demomen will find a lot of cool jumps too.

I started working on this map around September after the Art Pass contest ended, using viaduct as a model for size. I'm intrigued by mirrored maps and how everything balances out just fine. Also, I found a picture of the Haughton Mill and thought it'd be PERFECT as a TF2 map.

I've always felt that detailing was my weakest skill in terms of mapping and I feel I've really hit a sweet spot with it starting with my Art Pass contest map and this.

Early tests only had the attic accessable to jump classes, but it was found that absolutely no one knew the attic was there. I've since opened everything up to all classes, and tried to make it more visible.

The riverbeds a little less used than I'd like, but I'm hoping to make it a little more attractive in this version now that I've removed the sniper fences by each team's main entrance to the point.

Other major stuff in this version would be fixing that HDR Flickering bug, and some serious map optimizations that were really needed.

Custom Stuff

I'm using SiniStaR's skybox evergreen trees, which are just the normal ones scaled down. I don't think he knows I'm using them, but thanks they're great!

Flapjacks/artisticmonkey made me two posters for RED BREAD and BLU CORN which flank the point. They look awesome!

Honeymustard made a very nice grain texture!

Everything else custom I modified from Valve's textures.

That is enough of me rambling for now, enjoy the map! Its in 2Fort2Furious' rotation and I've done most of my testing there, Cafe of Broken Dreams, and the Lost Continents. Receptions been very positive from everyone!

EDIT: I do see another map named Mill, but it appears to be a payload map. I think I'm safe with the name.
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