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-removed A one way
-added A drop down for blu
-closed off upper building entrance to one way door and pickups to nerf engie at A
-disabled 1st blu spawn (may revert later)
-closed off far most windows route for blu at C
-probably other things too


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-moved around cover at A
-added one way door for blu at A
-made window in mid A building open so players can go through it into A
-removed wire from upper wall for blu going into A to let demo's log stuff over it
-lowered blu forward spawn at A
-maybe did some stuff to B, I don't remember
-moved around janky hallway between B and C to make it less jank
-lowered blu 3rd forward spawn between B and C to avoid fall damage
-added spotlights to D pointed at the pit
-probably some other stuff too
-made some changes to A, B, and C to try and balance them back in red's favor
-other stuff ya know, like things
-did stuff to A
-did nothing to B
-did stuff to C
-did a little bit of stuff to D
-adjusted respawn times
-moved blu last spawn to be less spawncampy
-watched paint dry
-recompiled with everything packed
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how do I keep doing this wrong
-did stuff to A and areas leading up to A
-didn't do anything to anything else
-updated version string