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Midwest Event rc1a

pl_midwest weened themed

The old Dunwich mine has many tales about it. Some claim strange ruins of unknown origin were unearthed there many years ago, while others say the rocks themselves can speak. Many disappearances were reported before its closure. Eventually, the place was fully abandoned after all of its workers vanished overnight.

Now, the mine has fallen into the hands of a new owner, a company called Reliable Excavation Demolition. With new management comes new rumors... and new disappearances. What truth could there be to these claims new and old... and just what truly lies within the old mine?

Welcome to Mad West, a Halloween retheme of payload Midwest. This map features unique pickups of random chance. Collect one of the strange relics littered around the map and receive either a blessing or a curse. You could gain some critical hits, or you may just be set on fire. Roll the dice as you push deeper into the mine to bring an end to the random madness. Will you succeed, or will you become another sacrifice to chance...?

Positive Dice Effects:
-Bullet resistance
-Fire resistance
-Blast resistance

Negative Dice Effects:

Layout and Detailing - MegapiemanPHD
Various props and textures - Zeus
Concept Art - Badasscook
Conestoga Wagon - FGD5
Finale Statue, Other misc. assets - MC_Labs15
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. more stuff

    -changed uber dice result to phase "bonk" -added shoot speed increase result to dice -added reload speed result to dice -changed burn result to mad mlik effect -changed bleed result to marked for death effect -various detail changes -fixed sound...
  2. rc1

    -detail changes -clipping fixes -removed marked for death, milk, and defense from dice results, added fire resistance, blast resistance, and bullet resistance -improved dice logic -added custom sounds -other general fixes
  3. panic at the first bite

    -added more ruins throughout the map to try and make them more coheasive -implemented dice model for pickups instead of reusing spell model -implemented finished wagon models -clipping fixes -removed skybox (will readd later)